Thursday, June 07, 2012

Earth Angels.....They Still Exist! :)

Just when I think things are messed up with the world we live in, I experience something like what happened tonight.

I was bringing some friends home. I got a flat tire on a busy road. Luckily, I could bump my way into the gas station on the corner. This was not your average, run of the mill flat tire (in my opinion....not that I've had much experience with one). This tire was completely flat on the bottom. Air did not just leak out, something popped.

Normally, I would just call AAA, but I haven't had the $$ to renew my membership and figured I would call if I needed it. Luckily, my friend knew where the correct parts were, where the spare was AND how to change the tire.

Every time there was a part of the process that was not working, someone came up to ask if they could help. Throughout the process about 7 different people helped us get it done. One man and his son even went and got the floor jack from their home when they realized we could not get our van jack high enough. Bonus - they were mechanics that worked on cars at people's homes! They completed the tire removal and replacement. The father said he stopped because he had a wife and daughter-in-law that he hoped someone would help if needed.

Luckily, I had gotten some gift cards last week to give for graduation gifts. I was able to give them to the two people that helped us the most. These were guys that were willing to just lay down in the parking lot, place themselves in awkward positions and take time out of their help 4 people they did not even know.

My hope in the human race is restored somewhat. I said "luckily" above, but I know better. We were blessed in numerous earth angels willing to get dirty to help....when I would not have asked. Some of them even drive old red pick-ups. They didn't ask for anything. However, following the saying of what comes around, goes around....they will be blessed by someone shortly.

The flat tire was a spiritual lesson in itself...but I'll save that for another posting. I just wanted to recognize and remind myself....and, hopefully you, that there are good people in the world willing to make a difference.....even with "just" a flat tire.

Hebrews 13:2 (NIV)Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.