Saturday, May 14, 2016


How I loathe thy name.
Cells that split,
into good and bad.
Cells like soldiers
sent to fight
into red
and white
An invisible enemy
except on a scan.
You try to invade
my body
my thoughts
my mind
Try to take over
My spirit says FIGHT!
My body says how?
My body betrays me
sickened by poisons
meant to heal
But now?
hair loss
reddened skin
My family tries to support
People whisper when I walk into a room
you may win the battle
But I,
I will win the war.

kl 5/12/16
After dad's melanoma back and father-in-law died last August
They were both diagnosed the last few months of 2014. Drs., Surgeries. Frustration, more Drs.
Refusing to use a big "c" trying to give it less power than it already feels like it has

PLEASE go with your gut. If something seems wrong, get yourself checked out. It is better to be wrong than sorry.