Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Genesis Code - my opinion.....GO SEE IT!

I saw The Genesis Code movie.  When I was invited to see it, I didn't even know what it was about...other than a lot of it was filmed in Grand Rapids.  I quickly checked before I went and found out it had something to do with spirituality and science. 

I was pleasantly surprised and hope that this movie makes its way into more theaters in the country.  Many times, movies that make you think don't tend to do that great in theaters.  It seems people want to sit and be entertained or horrified by what takes place on the screen. 

This movie has a little bit of everything: sports (hockey), college life, guy and a girl, believers and non-believers/questioning faith, science, gun shots, life support and the whole realm of questions that brings up.....

The movie seeks to answer the often asked question of how Genesis states the earth was created in 6 days, yet science can "prove" that the earth is indeed billions of years old....and what about dinosaurs?

The movie has some "stars".  A lot of the people I did not recognize, but still good acting.  It was a well produced movie....and if you live around Grand Rapids, it is interesting to try and recognize where they filmed.

This would be a great movie for middle school/high school age as well.  It deals with the pressure of being a believer among very politically correct friends, teachers and family.  It seems like the characters are supposed to be tolerant of everything and everyone (EXCEPT for Christians) as each person finds their own version of right and wrong.  Her "academic adviser" advises her that there is no absolute truth.  The adviser's viewpoint will give you much to think about what you believe and why.  Later, the adviser meets with the reverend and that is a great conversation as well.

Overall, it is a movie that will get you thinking and hopefully discussing with fellow viewers.  I usually have a hard time justifying the cost of seeing a movie in the theater.  However, if we want more movies that do more than just entertain and horrify, we need to support the film makers.  If you can't get to the theater, it will definitely be a great movie to watch as a church group, small study group, etc.


Rodney Bowen said...

Good morning :)

I just discovered your blog this morning with THE GENESIS CODE review on it. I have a number of movie studios who provide me with their new DVDs to distributed to interested bloggers for review as well.

Please let me know if you would be interested in hearing of the new DVD releases as I have them available for your review.

Rodney Bowen

Anonymous said...

This is a great movie!