Monday, September 06, 2010

The Night Before School Starts

By KL 
Based on The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore

'Twas the night before school starts, when all through the house

All the children were sleeping, even the spouse;

The backpacks were hung by the front door with care,

In hopes the kids would be ready when the bus would be there;

The children were rushing to get into their beds,

Soon visions of seeing friends danced in their heads;

While mom put back on the toothpaste cap,

Busy, busy no time for a nap,

From one of the bedrooms arose such a clatter,

Mom rushed right in there to see what was the matter.

Up to the bedside she flew like a flash,

Stepping on toys, she heard something smash.

Here was her child

Sometimes shy, sometimes wild

What to her wondering eyes should appear,

that the child had eyes of a headlight struck deer,

With all the mom know-how, so lively and quick,

She knew in a moment the child wanted to be sick

More rapid than eagles her excuses they came,

And she shared all her worries and called them by name;

What if I can’t find all my classes?
What if they don’t like my new glasses?
What of those bullies who teased me last year?
And what if I try out, but don’t get to cheer?

So out of mom’s mouth encouragement flew,

A smile, a hug, and a prayer too.

And then, in a twinkling, the morning was here

The beginning of another school year.

She came down the stairs in her new skinny jeans,

The mom shook her head and looked at her teen.

Mom started to think about all those years back,

When the only worry was what was for snack.

They heard the squeal from the brakes of the bus

Quick out the door, no more time to fuss.

She ran to the bus with just a quick wave

One more memory for mom to save.

As the bus drove on, out of her sight,

Mom quietly whispered “We’ll be all right”.

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