Friday, May 23, 2008

Always special in my daddy's eyes....

I had the honor of being my nephew's "special person" at his school earlier this week. It was actually grandparent and/or special person day. As I was in line with the others waiting to get into school, I was feeling very treasured that I meant that much to him. During the few hours I was at school, we got to do things we don't always take the time to do....hear a story, draw pictures, play a game, and go out for recess! I was glad I had the time to go. I used to have a job that took up WAY too much of my kids younger years.

I got to thinking it would be nice if everyone knew that they were special to somebody. A lot of times, I think we assume people know how much we care for them. Even if they do know, it is good to remind them through a card, words, a call, or time spent with them.

I found a video on Godtube called Father's Love Letter. It quotes many verses from the Bible woven together to be a "letter" to remind us how special we are to God. I don't often think of God as my "father" or daddy. Gives that phrase "who's your daddy?" a whole new meaning doesn't it?

In God's eyes I am special because He made me in his image. I am special because He knows all the days He has for me. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. So are you. So today, rest in the fact that you are always special in your heavenly daddy's eyes.

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