Sunday, May 17, 2009

Using the talents.....

Wow, it's been awhile...again. Gets nicer outside and everything seems to get even busier than normal. Our son and I have been trying to help with the lawn the end of last year and so far this year. While it is kind of relaxing, it takes awhile. Went to school camp with our daughter for 3 days. I learned a lot from watching the kids and the counselors. They were VERY clear in their expectations and what would happen if they were not followed. Communication, communication, communication (similar to the location x 3 for real estate!). I feel I do great with writing (mostly because I have time to think it through), but not so well verbally.

I have to delve deeper into my avoidance of writing lately...even in my journal which I usually enjoy. My first thought is God's got something He wants to deal with me on....and I'm not sure I'm ready to deal with it yet. So I looked up "avoid" and "lazy" on biblegateway...and didn't really find what I was looking first. Now, I'm reminded of the story of the talents in the Bible and lazy is mentioned.

Back then, a talent was money. The story is in Matthew 25:14-30;&version=31 and I just noticed at the end of that passage there is a note that a talent was worth more than a thousand dollars! There were 3 servants and each were given a varying amount of talents based on their ability. The 2 who got the most, used them wisely, invested and DOUBLED the amount given. The last 1 was fearful and buried the talent. When the master returned, each servant gave an account of what happened with the talents they had been given. The 2 servants got to keep the additional talents they had received. The last servant gave the master back the talent he'd been given. He was referred to as lazy, he ended up having to give it to the servant with the most talents...and was shown the door.

I don't know if it is just coincidence that the parable refers to "talents". I think this story works as a story on not wasting what we are given, whether it is money....or actual talents (physical and/or spiritual gifts). I have some work to do. How about you? Are we investing wisely...our money and our time? Are we available when God wants to meet us?

For me, this means getting back more into the (in my mind, dreaded -wrongfully so) routine and schedule that I know helps me use my time more effectively. Daily "to-do" lists so I don't forget things that I will otherwise spend twice as long trying to remember. Carrying this information with me and USING it. Making myself available when God wants to use me to bless someone else....regardless of what's in it for me.

When taken in context, Matthew 25 is 3 parables....all about when Jesus returns and us being ready. I'm working on it. Want to join me?

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