Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pinched to Priority

Recently, our toilet seat broke. It doesn't matter how or why it broke. There was a large crack across one side. In case you have not had the experience of sitting on a broken toilet seat, it can be unpleasant. Two uneven pieces of wood when sat upon may not be so bad. tries to rise from said seat. We will leave it at an uncomfortable pinching occurs. OUCH!

It only takes a time (OK, or possibly 2, duh!) of being pinched before arrangements start to be made to fix the problem. I will confirm that for a short time, tape of the duct variety did come into play. Surprise? (not really if you know us well!)

I will confess that some of my thought processes do occur while in that same room said toilet is located. I started to ponder the paths of my procrastination and the lengths I will sometimes go to avoid dealing with life.

Lessons from my toilet seat:
(THAT could be a new blog or book title! - not sure anyone would want to read it!)

It doesn't always matter how or why something isn't working. If it is not working enough, fix it or stop complaining.

When life becomes uncomfortable, change it or live with it. It is frequently a choice. Sometimes between the lesser of two evils, but still a choice.

There may be a temporary solution to the problem. Temporary solutions are not usually long-term fixes.

Sometimes we need to get in a bit of a pinch before an issue becomes a big enough priority to DO something about it.

Many times things that we think will take TOO long to deal with? In reality, take mere minutes in proportion to how long we would worry about it by NOT dealing with it.

Drum roll please?!?!?!?!
One of the first things I did today? Buy a new toilet seat. Already installed. Problem solved.

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