Monday, December 27, 2010

The Way Home (a review)

The movie (rated PG only for thematic elements and some tobacco use) is based on a true story of the day a 2 year old went missing and how the family handled it.  A dad, busy providing for his family, is supposed to be leaving for vacation that day.  A mom, stressed out from getting everything ready for vacation….and finding out her husband, supposed to be helping, is still at work….providing.  When he finally makes it home, they are scheduled to pick up their other 2 boys from school.  Their 2 year old son plays in the driveway.  The difference just a few minutes and decisions can make.  The dad runs inside for a few minutes that turned into a few more minutes.  When he returns to the driveway, their son’s tricycle is in the driveway and the son is nowhere in sight. 
After briefly looking for him themselves, it becomes obvious they are going to need help.  A 911 call is made.  A great part of the movie is how the community comes together to aid in the search.  There are many scenes sharing how the word spread and churches all over were praying for them that day.  I don’t want to give too much of the story away.  Let’s leave it at the movie cover states “based on the inspirational true story”.    

The movie did a good job portraying a view of an everyday family and the stresses and joys.  As a parent, it is an excellent reminder that time with our children goes by faster than we realize and we need to be in the moment with them as much as we can. 

The movie dad is played by Dean Cain from, among other things, Louis and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.  Cain proves that dads ARE Superman to their kids.  However, if a dad isn’t careful, their child gets used to their dad not paying attention or spending time with them.  Overall, this was an underlying theme of the movie.   I was unfamiliar with many of the other actors, but the performances were well done.  The music during the movie and the credits is definitely worth a listen. 

I applaud the family for sharing their story and the moviemakers for making it.  It takes a lot of courage to share our struggles as families.  Even though it would be easy to place blame, the message comes across of love, forgiveness and the fact that sometimes things just happen.  Even then God can turn them into life lessons.  The special features are also worth a watch the real family tells their story.  Note: Don’t watch until AFTER you’ve watched the movie!

I received a copy of this DVD to review and the opinions are my own.  I was not told I had to like it, just share my opinion.  Honestly, I put off watching this movie because of the content and the guilt I feel for the times that I have made the same mistake the father in the movie made.   There were times as our kids were growing up that I did not pay attention enough or got busy doing something else. 

The only downside of this movie I can see is that people will make the same mistake I made.  I urge you to support filmmakers that are making films with an actual message worth watching and learning from.  This movie would also be a good discussion starter for a small group. 

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