Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Are the side effects worth it?

I watch TV crime/mystery shows. Even though I detest blood and gore, I get into the story and solving the mystery. Many times I watch them too late at night. Dumb! Late at night when I'm already tired, somewhat depressed and overly emotional. I should turn it off....but I'm hooked after a few minutes. Sometimes I wonder how many creeps get ideas from watching shows like Criminal Minds, etc. A lot of those murder mystery/cop shows have numerous creative ways to do people in.

Before you get to worried about me, I'll get on with my train of thought (THIS one, I actually remember!)

One of the downsides of television are the commercials (unless the ad is really creative....and makes me remember WHAT they are advertising for!) It seems lately there are SO many ads for ones that require a prescription. I find it amusing (? for lack of a better word) when they show the whole ad and then tell the side effects....sometimes rather quickly...including the one to call a dr if something lasts more than 4 hours. OR there is an ad in a magazine with a happy looking person and when you flip the page...a whole page of possible issues. OR when I pick up my prescription with the small novel size pamphlet of info with even smaller print.

Have you ever actually READ one of those? For me, they are kind of like the "terms and conditions" that need to be agreed on frequently. Once in awhile, I glance over, but usually just click the box that I read it. Who knows what I could be giving up?

When I was pregnant, I had to get injections the first few months. I had to pick up the vial of medicine. Small novel of small print came with it. I actually read most of it.....and promptly called the dr and asked if they knew of kids born after their mother had taken this medicine. I was somewhat calmly reassured that the benefit of the medicine which would help me stay pregnant was worth it....and that a side effect had to be listed even if it was only rats or a few people that had an issue. Oh how reassuring. not.

However, our son was born healthy....and life continues on.....and I have persisting thoughts late at night/early AM.

In life, not just medicines/prescriptions have side effects. Maybe for the way I'm thinking of it, a similar word would be consequence. Our decisions (or lack thereof) carry side effects/consequences. Some we will not like and decide that life is better the way it is than the way it could be if we choose to medicate/decide.

Sometimes there are side effects of dealing with people who are already dealing with their own side effects. This can be tricky because everybody handles them differently. So we do our best to be understanding and seek to make the best, informed decisions we can....and help others that may not be as far on the journey.

So maybe take some time to reflect (speaking to myself here also) on what the issue is, what the cure might look like and if the side effects will be worth it.

Proverbs 17:22 (NLT) A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.

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