Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Letting Go of the American Dream?

Are we letting go of the American Dream?

Things are not always what they seem.
Lately, everyone seems to have some kind of scheme.

People are mad at rich CEOs.
Maybe I am too, I suppose.

People talk of the 99 percent.
Before we earn, the money’s been spent.

People try to find answers inside of a glass.
What happened to the “middle” class?

People who make little, but will spend it all
To see some highly-paid people play with a ball.

People look up to those who have fame,
Go to their concerts chanting their name.

People try to have faith in our government.
They tax us enough, but the money’s all spent.

Is this what our grandparents envisioned when they got off the boat?
They had some shoes and maybe a coat.
They left their countries to get a new start.
If we want recovery, we’ll all play a part.

Will we move into the future or be stuck in the past?
This leaves one more question that needs to be asked:
Who’s living the American Dream?

kl 7-12-12
I apologize if I sound all gloom and doom. I usually try to avoid political discussions. The parties are so far apart on so many issues I don't know if agreement is possible. So we stand still....and wait while the campaigning continues. Does any president really get anything done that last year in office? They're busy trying to get re-elected!

I thought of the above when I was looking at ticket prices for a concert or a game. Events are billed as "family-friendly", but the cost is too high for average earning families to afford. While the people we pay to see, are earning millions. I'm beyond thinking that life will be "fair", but it just seemed ridiculous at the time.....who am I kidding? It still does.

I'm praying that there is an actual American Dream to be dreamed of for our future generations. If we don't change something, we will just keep going in circles....and accomplish little if anything..

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