Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Slipping of the Mask

We all wear a mask you know
it covers the feelings we don't think we should show.

We may feel sad or bad inside
or those feelings of anger we think we can hide.

But, we cover them up with the mask we wear.
Sometimes other people we're trying to spare
from the feelings of pain that don't go away.
We struggle and make it through one more day

Why does life sometimes seem so tough?
That no matter what we do it just isn't enough?

We try so hard to be what we think others want us to be
and in the process, we lose our me.

We might be an adult, but still feel like a child
inside where we hide our inside wild with our mask of mild.

The mask shows a smile when we'd rather cry.
Friends and family might try
to help us see......
it's enough "just" being me.

We hang around people with a smile on their face.
Our mask quickly slips back into place.

But what if their smile is also their mask?
We'll never know if we don't take time to ask.

When we stop being what we think people want or need us to be,
we find the mask can come off.  It's enough to be me.

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