Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Persecuted Christians and Church

I had planned to write about spiritual armor...and I will. However, it has been laying heavy on my heart how people across the world suffer for Christ...and we, in the USA, tend to take for granted the freedoms we possess. (Even JUST the ability to write and post about God!)

On October 31, I sent the following e-mail to family and friends:

Recently, our son and I have been using the Taming a Liger - Unexpected Lessons from Napolean Dynomite as a devotional (see link if interested. We have had some really good discussions and it is very thought provoking...even though it links back to the movie, which seems kind of pointless, in my humble adult opinion!). ;)


Tonight it was about how we received the Holy Spirit and it talked about persecuted Christians. He asked me if persecution really happens. Wow! I didn't know he wasn't aware of how blessed we are to live where we do. Then I realized I don't know a whole lot about it either.... so I typed in persecuted church in Google and came up with this.


International Day of Prayer for the persecuted church is November 11. It looks like there is some good info for bulletin inserts and discussion guides here:


I did not totally review yet, but I thought I would pass on the word to others who might want to help raise awareness.
I just watched something on another person's blog (Thanks Gary @ JQ) regarding a rock group from Russia. They were amazed that we had Bibles in hotel rooms...for free! At the time, they could be in serious trouble for having Christian literature, let alone the Bible in their possession. One man talked about the only Bible they had was a handwritten copy. One person in their meetings had paid $700 for a little Bible.

I decided (AND figured out how!) to put the video here as it is very moving. Now, granted it looks a little dated - check the hair....but a powerful testimony. If you have a few minutes, definitely worth watching:

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