Wednesday, December 19, 2007

:) Quick pick me up....pass it on......Did she get my note?

I got our mail today...and in addition to the bills and credit card offers was a card from my sister's house. I thought it was the Christmas card with a picture in it. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it was from my 5 year old me! I smiled as I read what his mom helped him write and he signed his name. What a day brightener! Little did he know how much it would mean. He's not aware of the stresses life puts on adults. THANK GOODNESS!

I called his house and I could hear him in the background, "Did she get my note?"

We've received a couple of other cards for Christmas too. What a nice feeling to know someone is thinking of us. It's something that seems small, but can make a great impact. Do you know somebody who needs a quick pick me up/day brightener? If you keep feeling a little urging, follow up on it. God may be using you to bless somebody who really needs it. Pass it on. Have you received something unexpected recently? Whisper a little prayer of thanks for the person who was thinking of you.

OK, I wasn't going to get all spiritual tonight, but just had a thought as I typed did she get my note. God gave us a whole book of love letters and pick me ups. It probably won't come in an envelope or in the mailbox. I can just hear Him...."Did she get my note?"

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